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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2024, Pages 151-308 

Morphogenic responses of two potato cultivars explants to sucrose, photoperiods and growth regulators

Pages 151-162

Hoda Ashraf mohamed; Moataz Mohamed Tawfik; esam abdelsalam Hussein; Ali Hassan Ibrahim

Assessment of Vitamin D Status and Study the Effect of Supplementation of Vitamin D on Type 1 Diabetic Children in Egypt

Pages 175-182

Hamdy Abo elhaded Ibrahim; Mohamed Ramadan Elsayed; Odette Wahba Hindy; Ayman El baz Agroudy; Ayda kamal Kelany

Shock waves in ionosphere

Pages 183-189

Eslam Mohamed Hassan Soltan; mossad elmetwaaly; Waleed Moslem Moslem

An Accurate Method for Estimating the Parameters of the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution Using its Moments

Pages 190-207

Mohammed Mohammed El Genidy; Esraa Ahmed Hebeshy; Beih El Sayed El Desouky; Rabab Sabry Gomaa

Highly Secured 3D Object Steganography Technique for Hiding Compressed Data

Pages 208-220

Aya Yakout Alkhamese; Hewayda ElGhawalby; Ahmad Eid; Ibrahim Ibrahim Hanafy; weal abdelkader awad


Pages 221-229

Ibrahim Hanafy; ahmed maghrabi; Hewayda ElGhawalby; eman marzouk al-naqeeb

A Novel Framework for Gauging Information Extracted from Smartphones Using Fuzzy Logic

Pages 230-242

ramy mohamed abou alzahab; amr ismail; Saeed H. Abd Elkhalik; Hazem El-Bakry; ahmed salama